Gately Scapes, Inc. 
Who We Are:
We are a hardscape design and build company in Davidsonville, MD. 

Specializing in interlocking pavers & stone hardscapes, we can also design & install amazing gardens & water features. Whatever your outdoor project may be we can help you every step of the way -- from conception to final install. 

Everything we build is installed by our small local team, lead by Matt Gately the owner & MHIC licensed general contractor.

Feel free to reach out to us today and we can begin planning your next project.

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Our Services: 

Our main line of service is hardscape design & installation. Working directly with you every step of the way we can design & install your patio, walkway, porch & other stonework.
  1. Patios
    Paver & Stone Patios, we can design and build the patio of your dreams. Sitting walls, accent lights, water features & fire pits.
  2. Water Features
    Water Features
    Ponds, Waterfalls & Fountains. Custom water features add the perfect atmosphere to your landscape.
  3. Fire Pits
    Fire Pits
    Custom Firepits, Fireplaces, Firepit Kits. Wood burning or propane.
  4. Steps
    New stone or paver steps, porches & landings. We can design and build the steps you need whether its a front entry or an elevation change on your property. We can also design and build custom handrails for all of our steps.
  1. Stone Veneer
    Stone Veneer
    Stone Veneer Installation Indoor or Outdoor, Drystack or Mortar stack, Authentic or Manufactured Stone, Fireplaces, Siding, Porches & Chimneys
  2. Custom Stonework
    Custom Stonework
    Custom Stonework Design & Installation, Stone Patio & Walkway Accents, Garden Walls, Fountains, Mailboxes, Light Posts & Columns
  3. Curb Appeal
    Curb Appeal
    Total curb appeal: With total curb appeal we focus on new stone work or pavers and landscape design. Start from scratch or reuse elements from your existing landscape.
  4. Accent Ligthing
    Accent Ligthing
    Accent Lighting for your New Stonework
  1. 3D Designing
    3D Designing
    3D Design models for your homes outdoor spaces. We take careful measurements and photos of your home and landscaping to build a virtual model in which we can create a 3 dimensional plan for your vision.
  2. Pool Decks & Coping
    Pool Decks & Coping
    Pool decking and patio areas, Pool coping installation, Pool waterfalls & Landscaping
  3. Drainage Solutions
    Drainage Solutions
    Downspouts & Storm water management, Drainage Gardens. We can control the problem spots on your property and keep you dry.
  4. Landscape Installation
    Landscape Installation
    Curb Appeal Landscaping, Privacy Plantings, Zen Gardens, English Gardens, Shade Gardens, Wildlife Gardens, Drainage Gardens & More
  1. Railing & Metal Work
    Railing & Metal Work
    Custom handrails and metal work. Welded metal with black powder coat finish, multiple paint colors availble. Stair railing, safety railing, guide rails, cellar doors... unique, hard to find and custom pieces crafted for your needs.
  2. Walls
    Garden Walls, Retaining Walls, Erosion Control, Raised Planter Beds, Stone, Block, Pavers & Wood
  3. Seating Areas
    Seating Areas
    Stone Benches & Walls designed to create seating for your patio areas
  4. Dry River Beds
    Dry River Beds
    Dry River Beds to control water shed, create pathways & accent your landscaping
Our Process
The process begins with contacting us . From there you'll receive a free consultation with Matt Gately the owner. Matt will bring his knowledge and hands on experience to help you design creative, unique, functional and practical ideas to utilize all of your outdoor spaces. 

After the initial consultation; you will receive a free estimate and a free landscape design sketch for the proposed work. Most designs & estimates are turned around within the first week of the consultation. This year we are also introducing 3D design renditions for patios and other outdoor spaces.

Upon moving forward ; you will continue to work directly with Matt Gately as he will be the one building your vision. Working as the crew foreman & managing all aspects of the day to day work, deliveries & finishing touches; each day he and his skilled crew will be at your home diligently working to complete your project. Working with Matt is simple and easy, scroll down to read more about Gately Scapes. 

3D Patio Design

3D Curb Appeal Design

Our Mission: Integrity & Value

1) Providing open & honest communication before, during & after projects

2) Keeping the value of the home and your best interests in mind when designing and building

3) Striving for a higher standard by completing continuing education programs & product seminars for the hardscaping industry

About the Owner:    Matt Gately            MHIC 98130

Matt Gately is the owner of Gately Scapes and is considered a General Contractor in the state of Maryland and holds a Maryland Home Improvement Commission (MHIC) License. His license number is 98130.

Matt is certified by the Interlocking Concrete Paver Institute (ICPI) and is considered a Certified Paver Installer.  The ICPI is a continuing education program that strives to raise the industry standard for quality paver construction and knowledgeable contractors. 

Follow these links to learn more about the MHIC and ICPI and the extremely important roles they play in the Home Improvement Industry: 


Testimonials from our Houzz profile page @

The Murphy's   Severna Park, Md

Mary B.    Crofton, Md

Noreen P.     Crofton, Md

Fantastic Job!! Matt and his crew were great to work with from start to finish. He explained every aspect of the job, and answered all questions we had. His 3D site plan for the job was extremely well done, and the entire job turned out better than we even expected. Thanks!
Wow, am I glad I found Matt and Gately Scapes, Inc. !!! We needed to replace outside steps that had deteriorated with time and weather. Matt was one of three contractors we contacted from the Better Business Bureau listing. Matt's prices were the fairest, and his ideas were brilliant !!!! Matt kept us informed about scheduling and planning (you remember the unceasing rains this spring). Matt and his crew showed up on time, worked diligently, and patiently answered my endless questions. I now have 13 beautiful steps, a new hand-railing, redesigned drainage from my existing flower beds and some additional landscaping!!! The job was completed on time and looks fabulous. I look forward to working with Matt and his crews in the future.
Matt and his team did an incredible job at totally transforming my backyard. I had an old deck with lots of shade, so grass didn't grow well. I gave Matt high level ideas and he was able to design a beautiful paver patio with landscaping. It looks like a totally different house. Quality work, timely, with the upmost professionalism. One of my friends recommended Gately Scapes to me and I also highly recommend them.

The Sadowski's   Crownsville, Md

When we bought our home, it came with a weird deck in the back that was not practical. The deck was built around a hot tub (that did not work), on top of the septic (which ended up busting-leading us to rip up part of the deck to get to it), and the grading underneath the deck was pulling water toward our home ( that caused flooding into our kitchen every time we had a heavy rain), and it was a breeding ground for mosquitos and spiders. It was a mess. 

We contacted Gately Scapes and a few other companies. Matt was so professional and prompt with his estimate and exceeded our expectations of what our yard could be- so he won the job hands down. We added a fairly large patio in the back with pavers and a retaining wall all the way around and stairs up to the yard. Him and his crew did the job in 4 days start to finish! 

This has been the best investment we've made in our home to date. No more spiders, no more flooding kitchen, and we have a safe place for our children to play. We are looking forward to using Gately Scapes in the near future to hardscape and landscape our front yard also.

Mark G.      Pasadena, Md

Matt is the greatest to work with on landscaping. He is very patient during the quote process and spends the time needed to investigate and answer all questions to be certain the customer is ready to begin. Matt provided follow-up emails for deliveries and scheduling of the project. He listened to descriptions of our ideas and provided enhanced drawings to help visualize the project. Matt is highly recommended and he even wound up doing work for my brother after our project was completed.

Steve & Mary  Severna Park, Md

We had Gately Scapes design and install a front walkway for our home. I must say, this has been a very pleasant and exciting experience for my wife and myself. Matt Gately was extremely easy to work with. He had lots patience as my wife and I made decisions on style, type, color of stone, etc. His attention to detail was superb. I am amazed at how well the final project ended up looking like the scratched idea my wife and I started with when we first met with him. We look forward to having him come back in the Spring, to upgrade our landscaping!
Ready to Give Us a Try?
Ready to give us a try and take the first step in building your outdoor vision? Fill out the form below or give us a call to request a free consultation & estimate.
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